Klaus Dollst




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Mechanical Engineer. Since 1970 managing director of an engineering company with a distribution company for industrial machinery in Hamburg.


Founder  of a development company in 1978 with 5 granted patents, production of electrical equipment  in an international marketing setting. 1992 Project design, development and establishment of a major bank in Russia (Kaliningrad)Then, in the period 1993-1995 establishment of a development company in Almaty –Kazakhstan, concerning planning and construction of a cannery. Financing through Florida, USA.


In 1998 the establishing a construction company in Poland (Osowo Park Stettin) and configuration of 65 houses for the German-Danish NATO -Korps in Szczecin.


As of 2002, entry into the wind energy industry in Poland with a Polish foundation:  Company Bels-Invest Sp.zo.o  (joint venture) with the role of Vice-President. First 40MW wind farm fully configured with planning permission.


2006: establishing the RPE Project Agency Rostock. General Manager for several foreign companies. 13 years of examination, preparation of project file, sales and negotiations with investors all related to wind farm projects.


Founding member and President of the Norwegian company Wiking Energy Holding AS, Wiking Energy Ltd, as well as RPE Consulting ANS.





Harald Kvinnsland Dollst




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Siviløkonom/MBA Norwegian School of Management BI (1984) / Norwegian School of Economics NHH (1991)
Audit and Business law adviser Norwegian School of Management BI (2010)


Broad practice in Financial Management and leadership - building of Rapport and Control Systems. Financial and Liquidity Planning of businesses; Startups to growth companies. Contract Preparation within agencies, collaborative projects and general contract law. Market Analysis and development of Marketing Plans. Production of procedure documents and administrative procedures. Sales Planning. Human Resource Management. Total Quality Management. Business Management Constultant. 


18 Years: General-, Finance-, Administration Manager in Engineering Companies, in the Oil and Gas Industry, On- and Offshore Companies and in a private owned company.  

9 Years: Researcher/Assosiate Professor Business School;  Management, Accounting, Finance-Analysis and Markting Management, Auditing, Tax- and Business Law.

3 Years: Technican/Mechanical Engineering.


Founding member and Vice-President of the Norwegian company Wiking Energy Holding AS, Wiking Energy Ltd, as well as RPE Consulting ANS.